The overnight trip was horrendous. The bed was comfortable enough, but we were right on top of the engine, so it was hotter than hell. I could not even touch the wall to my left, because it was burning hot, so it was a rather intolerable ride. We eventually made it and were accosted by tuk tuk drivers from the moment we stepped out. Ignoring them, I found a bench to wait on while Tim went around trying to find a hotel.

He returned an hour or so later having found a place a few blocks away. We agreed to stay there for that night but also to try and find a place closer to town and the beach for the next few nights. The hotel we had chosen was very much isolated, and there were not even many food options available in the vicinity. We dropped our stuff and set out to explore. We walked a long time until we stumbled upon an English pub that sold western breakfast. We indulged in quite a bit of food, and Tim’s monster breakfast (5usd) came with all the coffee you could drink, so it was well worth it.


With full bellies we continued our walk towards the beach. On the way we stopped past many hotels but we were not convinced by their inflated prices and they didn’t seem especially prompt to bargain. Eventually we veered away from the main road and into a dirt road, where we found a nice hotel for 9USD. A few metres away was a gym/pool/spa/sauna centre which convinced us further into choosing that place.

We continued through this neighbourhood until the road transformed into a small path surrounded by rice fields and cows – and interesting sight between the constant noise and construction sites so common in Sihanookville. Eventually we emerged back in civilization to find Neverland. We could hardly believe the contraption in front of us, and where trying to figure out who would have built something like this. A huge white hotel about to be open with a playground set on 30 cm of water and crazy shit…


The next few days were very relaxing. We spent most days at the gym, alternating between working out, swimming, lying in the sun and using the hot rooms. It was great for both to have a chance to put gloves on again and work on the bag. We found a local market that sold cheap and delicious food where we ended up eating most nights. The best vegetarian local dish is called “amok” and it is a coconut curry with shredded vegetables and tasty spices.


The former to last day I left Tim at home working on the Myanmar video while I went to the beach. The sand is pretty much covered with comfy seats all the way to the water, so many people sit around drinking beer and staring at the water. I asked a gentleman to watch my stuff while I went for a swim, and started chatting with him upon my return. I left to continue walking on the beach, and about an hour later I returned and he was still there. I went for another swim and then joined him for a beer. We ended up chatting for a few hours and it was nice to meet a fellow traveller and exchange some stories.


That same nights we had the best burgers we have had in our whole trip, at a place called “Ernie’s”. The owner is a Canadian that has set up this cool pub to remind us how good burgers are. You get a plastic menu and a colour pen, chose your patty (falafel for me) and up to 20/32 different toppings! (all for 3 USD). You can add a few types of cheeses for a bit extra and get chips or onion rings as well. We spent a little bit more that we normally would, but it was certainly worth it. It was glooorious!

We spent a while in Snooky and had a great time, until we realized we needed to get to Phnom Penh to sort our Chinese visa asap and we had to say goodbye to the beach for the foreseeable future…



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