Mae Sot (Part 2) to Chaing Mai (Part 1)

Mae Sot – Part 2

Crossing the border was quite fast, though for the first time in our trip, they asked to see my yellow fever vaccine. Strangely enough, I had already been in Thailand and was not asked for it… Nonetheless, I still got my 90 days again, which were of no use because Tim only got 14, but still made me feel powerful in a way šŸ˜›

We could not see any songthaew like the one that had deposited us there on the way into Myanmar, and when we asked one that was parked close to the checkpoint empty, he quoted a ridiculous prize. We proceeded to walk away, and as I was starting to think of hitch hiking, I turned around to see a modern looking ute approaching. He must haveĀ read my mind, cause he immediately stopped. I approached the window to see a smiling Indian man that offered us a ride. He even dropped us right in front of our hotel, and when we offered him a bit of money he refused and told us to enjoy our stay.

We had chosen the same hotel we were in last time in Mae Sot, so we felt like returning to a safe, homey place. After being in a country with little communication infrastructure, the speed of the internet bedazzled us and we spent quite a while browsing, queueing movies and music to download. In a way, it was a return to civilization. On the other hand, it was so bloody hot, moving around was not on our list of top priorities. The next day went by in a haze and apart from eating, we did not do much more than reading, writing, playing guitar, etc.


We booked a bus for 6am the next morning. When we arrived at the bus station however, we were informed the bus departedĀ from a DIFFERENT station, and we did not have much time to spare. So early in the morning, finding a moto taxi was hard, so Tim went first to try and hold the bus. By the time the bike came back for me and I arrived, the bus had left. We were about to give into despair when it miraculously drove on the other side of the road and stopped for us to hop on. We were over thirty minutes late, but we made it into the bus that would take us to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – Part 1

Being in Thailand again reminded me of how different it is to its neighbouring country. We passed through a lot of prosperous middle sized towns and saw plenty shiny super bling Buddhist temples. We arrived at the bus station around noon and walked for a while trying to find public transport. We eventually found a bus that took us around the whole town before depositing us close to the old Chiang Mai Gate. We walked to Giant 2, the hostel we had chosen, to find that the prices were significantly higherĀ than what their webpage suggested they were. With that in mind we went to find some great local food and I stayed behind while Tim surveyed the area for other options. After about two hours he returned defeated and we settled in the first option. That night we visited the local market for a feed.


The next day we just walked around town to locate the Elephant Nature Park office and get ready for our upcoming adventure. After moving so much in Myanmar we had a quiet day and only explored superficially. We knew we would have time after the park to see CM more thoroughly…

Ps – Apologies again, this post photos are also BS and taken at a different time (but at the same places). Seems like we took a camera holiday for a while šŸ˜›

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