Bali – Kuta and Ubud

On the next day we decided to figure out what all the fuss was about and visit Kuta: the party/drunken-Aussie-looking-for-hookers capital of Bali. So we looked at the map, established the path to follow, and embarked on this two and a half hour walk through Bali’s suburbs. South Denpasar showed us lots of people, offerings of all sizes, crazy traffic, bumpy roads, heaps of colour, kids riding motorcycles…

Kuta sign

We found a very cool deserted temple on the way we had to check out. We were slightly dubious as I was not wearing proper attire (as you are not meant to enter them in a strapless dress), but no one was around to stop me… So we walked around this interesting place and took a bunch of photos.

templeblurrytemple grrr

After about two hours of walking the heat was killing us so we decided to take the local bus, which surprisingly came after one minute of us standing at the stop, was very comfy and had AC. Once in Kuta, we had lunch at a Singaporean Warung (restaurant), and walked around. We both soon got tired of people trying to sell us shit so we headed to the beach. It was quite wide and had some really cool waves and surfers, but nothing outstanding or spectacular.

kuta beach

I had promised Med and Preya to make dinner as a way to thank them for their hospitality. However, finding a vegie shop to get the necessary ingredients for me to cook a tortilla de papas (Spanish Omelette) was the next challenge. After much walking (in circles) and asking around, we found a suitable place and stock up on goodies… Nonetheless, we soon realized Kuta was definitely not the place for us, and caught a bus home to the pool. That night I learned that turning the oven on in the tropics is far from enjoyable, but it was all well worth it to prepare a tasty dinner and enjoy it with our amazing hosts…

Ubud was the next destination on our “itinerary” for the following day. I personally wanted to check out the monkey forest, and after some convincing-Tim time and hearing from Preya how awesome it was, we agreed to give it a go. We got out of the house and immediately found a taksi (yes, that is how they spell taxi) and started haggling. We agreed on a modest price, around 18 dollars and started the journey. About 40 minutes later and more battling traffic, we made it to our destination and ended up arranging for the taxi to stay with us, carry us to a few different destinations for the whole day, and take us back home for about 40 NZ$…
Monkey forest. They sold bananas at the front, but we knew better; you don’t want to carry any food through this place unless you want the monkeys to lose their shit and jump on you endlessly. We did see a bunch of people buy them and immediately be “attacked” by macaques from all directions, some even getting a good fright (and us, a good laugh). The place was very cool and well organized, we walked around, took millions of pictures, and even got some monkeys climbing on our backs and playing with us. At the start, I was slightly skeptical of their sharp nails, but soon found out their hands were soft and they climbed you with the utmost care… until of course they try to open your backpack and steal your shit. But all in all, it was an amazing experience and Tim pretty much had to drag me out of there, as I would have stayed playing with the little creatures and getting mud on my white shirt all day…

monkey climbmonkeymumlooks
Later on we had some delicious Indonesian food at a nice looking Warung that sold tapas and walked around the market until it started pouring down with rain, so we went back to the car and aimed for the famous Ubud rice terraces. Heavy traffic in and out of this place, and it was just the beginning. We just went out to get a few pictures but the rain would not stop falling from the sky in buckets, so we quickly decided to start heading back to Sanur. We did not know at that point that the ride back home would take about 2.5 hours… However, the car had air conditioning and was comfy, so I soon snoozed off into a calm, dreamless sleep and traffic did not bother me one bit. The taksi took us to the supermarket to get some provisions for our upcoming boat trip, and we spent a while in there finding stuff and figuring out what some of it might be…

rice terrace
Our last day in Bali was rather uneventful, we stayed put, enjoying the pool, worked out a little and I finished reading ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Murakami. What a crazy, mysterious , amazing book! It was wonderful to save our strength for the next adventure to come: the Pelni ferry.


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