Hello world!

Hello and welcome to Dani’s blog. The main purpose of this space is to keep my friends and relatives up to date with our adventures, and maybe provide future travellers with my point of view on the places we go to. What is the plan? To travel, as far and as much as we can, to meet new people and places, to gain life experience and continue our path to happiness.
Do not expect ultimate truths or tourist information. I reserve the right to write whatever and however I want. Depending on my mood, it might be more like a diary, or closer to literature. Some days I feel like giving long explanations and some I will just recount the fragments my memory can gather.
I do appreciate your comments and encouraging words. If you have any questions or want me to explain anything further, you can also let me know via the blog.
If you want to find me, look up at the sky. Every night I try to spend a while looking up, imagining those same stars being looked at by my loved ones. It makes me feel connected to all and warm inside. Some people feel lonely and tiny while looking at the ever expanding universe but I feel the exact opposite. Looking up, we are all the same, part of this vastness, with our qualities and flaws, part of something much, much bigger. I can spend hours quietly looking up and thinking about all the people I have met and made a difference in my life… So you wherever you are, you can join this activity 🙂

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